Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shabby Potting Table for Christmas!!

My husband is just the best!!!! We found this old rusty piece of metal, and he made me a shabby potting table with it, he built the legs and base of pt 2x4's, then placed the metal peice on top, it is about 30" x 40" and 36" high. I added some of my shabby goodies - terra cotta pots, vintage watering can, antique hand pump (got on ebay), some old gardening tools and doodads, the cement ball I made from a mold as well as the cement angel. She has aged nicely, don't ya think! Then I placed my old rusty metal hen nesting box on top, I plan to put my tools, gloves, etc in there. I put the whole thing in front of my greenhouse. Christmas has come early! I am just in love with it! Take a peek below to see : )

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally cooling off slightly!!

Boy has it been hot, too hot to enjoy gardening, yet I have been very busy doing just that these past few front yard was just about all grass with some mature trees when we first moved here 5 years ago..our home sits on the back half of one acre, so I have been creating small gardens around my house the past couple years and have just now concentrated on creating island gardens further out away from my home. It has been grueling these past months with such hot weather and humidity so I haven't been to anxious to get started but did and still got a long way to go to spruce up my front yard but I will get there one goal is to create a sanctuary for not only myself but for the birds and wildlife we have around  here. So I am really looking forward to cooler weather. Here are some pics I took in the past few weeks of my gardens. Hope everyone enjoys!

                 Louis Phillipe Rose

                                                           Sweet Autumn Clematis

Front Yard


Double Take?!

Wild Salvia ~ Hummingbird Fav!

My out of control Pyracantha

My Beautiful Sycamore in the back yard

Love those crows

Regal Red Wing Blackbird

One of my favorite wild plants is Ironweed

Front Courtyard Garden

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lilies & Roses

Crinum Lily ~ Getting ready to open!

Wine Crinums

David Austin 'Abraham Darby'

David Austin 'Othello'

My Double Red Knockout Rose gone wild!

Sweet Almond Bush with a pollinator

Crape Myrtle 'Dynamite'

Blue Plumbago


Oakleaf Hydrangea

Female cardinal having lunch at the sunflower diner

Male House Finch also dining on seeds

Trumpet Vine

Time for a rest

Thursday, June 2, 2011

In and About my Garden Today

After the rain yesterday, everything is looking pretty good. We hadn't received any rain for 5 weeks prior to yesterday. It was like a deluge! 1' in one hour..and I loved it! So now my garden is looking quenched. Below are some pics during my outing today.

Native Honeysuckle ~ Hummingbird magnet!

Front Courtyard


Sedum planter

My hydrangea, too much fertilizer, not enough flowers : (

Double rose of sharon


Side Yard Shade Garden

Rain Lily



Wren House

Kitchen Deck ~ Virginia Creeper

Front Patio




Lions Ear

River Oats